System 22 Promotion

Your opportunity to gain the benefits of System 22 at a minimal cost. A short term offer that you can not afford to ignore.

Why are we doing this ?

We are keen to get System 22 used by clients all over the UK. We know that in the current climate, many companies no not invest in new software systems and are making do with what they have.

We at MiKroaid would like to do our part to help companies take advantage of quality warehouse management software by providing a low cost short term offer that will give all companies the opportunity to make use of System 22 and benefit from all that it can provide.

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What is the offer ?

We provide you with the full Corporate edition of System 22. We will install the software and train your staff in its use over a five day period.

All we ask is that you agree to cover the cost of our expenses and sign up to a twelve month basic support contract which currently costs £2500.00.

This is a limited offer that will allow you to get your own version of System 22 at a price that makes it affordable to all companies.

Call Now 07885-434737

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